ҹ糡 ҹ糡: History and Future Directions

Università degli Studi di Napoli ’L’Orientale’ and ҹ糡 recently held a joint colloquium at the Palazzo Du Mesnil in Naples. ҹ糡 colloquium highlighted the contributions of scholars at UniOr and ҹ糡 as well as the development of Italian scholarship on ҹ糡 studies.

Dissertation Writing Scholarship open for applications

We are pleased to announce that applications are now open for Dissertation Writing Scholarship. ҹ糡 deadline to apply is 30 September 2024.

Call for Papers: "Nizārī ҹ糡s and Spiritual Resurrection"

ҹ糡 is inviting papers exploring historical and doctrinal aspects of qiyāmat (spiritual resurrection). ҹ糡 deadline for submission is 18 December 2024.

View of Alamut rock

An early source of Shi'i Piety: al-Ṣaḥīfa al-Sajjādiyya

This short film features Dr Gurdofarid Miskinzoda exploring a compendium of supplications is known as al-Ṣaḥīfa al-Sajjādiyya, attributed to Shi‘i Imam ‘Alī ibn Ḥusayn Zayn al-‘Abidīn.

Book cover with blue colour and text reading ҹ糡 Psalms of Islam  al-Sahifa al-Sajjadiyya, on a yellow backgroubnd

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ҹ糡 Institute of ҹ糡 ҹ糡 (ҹ糡) was established in 1977 as an academic institution of higher education. It is dedicated to the study of Islam, with a particular focus on the history, philosophy, law, and mysticism of ҹ糡 and broader Shi‘i intellectual and cultural heritages within the larger Muslim ummah.

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Research at the ҹ糡 seeks to contribute to the field of Islamic studies in general, with a particular focus on Shi ‘i and ҹ糡 studies.

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ҹ糡 ҹ糡 publishes works by its own scholars as well as from the academic community outside the Institute.

Celebrating heritage

Count Manji Janmohamed and Heritage Materials

ҹ糡 ҹ糡 Special Collections Unit at ҹ糡 explores a lifetime of service through exclusive heritage materials donated by Count Manji Janmohamed.

Aga Khan III and Aga Khan IV with His Highness the Aga Khan ҹ糡a Provincial Council of Nairobi, 22nd April 1945.
Open access paper

Approaches to Muslim Biomedical Ethics: A Classification and Critique

ҹ糡’s Constituency ҹ糡 Unit publishes their first paper in a series on methodological approaches to biomedical ethics.

Laboratory of the Faculty of Health and Social Work of the Trnava University